MEGDY Racing - SuperBike Racing

October 20th, 2002

Mr. John Schuldt
Amsoil Racing Coordinator
Amsoil Inc
Superior WI

Subject : Special thanks to AMSOIL for the support provided in Season 2002

Mr. Schuldt,

As the pilot of MEGDY Racing, I wish to offer my sincere thanks to Amsoil and especially Mr. Michel Beaupre for your sponsorship in Season 2002 on the Parts Canada Superbike Championship, the most prestigious motorcycle championship in the country.

MEGDY Racing has been one of the most important private motorcycle racing team across the country on the Parts Canada Superbike Championship for the last two seasons.

MEGDY Racing was proud to develop a COMPLETE NEW MARKET in motorcycle racing in CANADA for AMSOIL. By using AMSOIL products, MEGDY Racing knew that it could count on the best products available in the market.

On the top of that, MEGDY Racing had a specific goal to achieve during Season 2002. Our goal was to increase the popularity of AMSOIL products in Canada and to put the name of AMSOIL on the track by developing a new market in Road Racing for AMSOIL in Canada.

MEGDY Racing had a resounding success. From the Westcoast to the East, for the first time, people saw AMSOIL involved in Raod Racing. During the whole season, MEGDY Racing was asked many questions and met people from everywhere that were surprised and happy to see AMSOIL involved in Road Racing in CANADA.

AMSOIL contributed to the success of MEGDY Racing in 2002 and this is why MEGDY Racing is sending this special thanks to you.

As well, MEGDY Racing has included in this letter, a copy of the poster given at some shows and to all the sponsors.

Yours truly,

Gaston Labrie
Pilot of MEGDY Racing


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